About Us


We began fishing and oystering at Chetlo Harbor, on Willapa Bay

near the mouth of the Naselle River.
Chetlo, or Jetlo, is Chinook Indian jargon meaning oyster.
The rustic painting of the cannery was done by my mother, Eleanor M. Rowell.

My father, John C. Rowell was born next to the cannery in 1913.
My grandfather Douglas, was a fisherman from Chetlo Harbor.

Our love for Willapa Bay, Oysterville and finest oysters and clams is unchanged.
Our company, Oyster Holdings, Inc. was founded in 1993.

For decades, my father's platters of freshly shucked oysters and smoked oysters were an anticipated delicious treat that was only available for family and close friends. Now, via overnight shipping, we deliver our shellfish directly to you, for your pleasure.
We are proud of our traditions and dedicated to bringing you fresh

'absolutely pure shellfish' grown in Willapa Bay.
We look forward to serving you.